Kanal stays as a political space! No eviction!




International Women Space in Kanal making of our puppet “A Guerrilheira” for the demo of the Women’s day of Struggle 8.3.2016 and a workshop for the children where they learned how to make their own puppets.

Kanal is a unique place in Berlin and we, the International Women Space, stand firmly in solidarity with Kanal, with people who organize collectively in unoccupied property, whose philosophical and practical way of life challenges the very concept of the private land ownership and rentier capitalism! We share the fight to change the world by challenging the status quo; by creating new dynamics in our own daily lives and therefore emphasizing an anti-capitalist and communitarian values.


‪#‎kanalbleibt‬ Radical queer Wagonplace KANAL is not only our home but also a political project/possibility that is acute threatened with eviction right now. KANAL is a Queer space with a majority of Refugees, Migrants, Black people, Rrom_nja and People of Color who are together trying to live self-determined, based on the uncompromising fight against any kind of state power such as racism, classism, sexism, inter*trans* and homo discrimination.

Suppot Kanal through the Crowdfunding campaign: 


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