Lets support Bintou going to Senegal to fight FGM

BintouwebsiteWe only still need that 40 people donate 30 Euro and that is it! Bintou goes and represents all of us who want a world without FGM!

40 x 30,00 € – still needing: 598,00 €


Bintou wants to go to Senegal to participate in an International Conference against Female Genital Mutilation. Lets support paying the costs of  Bintou! The total is around 1.200 Euro. See below how you can donate.

The brave activist and our dear friend Bintou Bojang has taken the big task to join those fighting for the end of Female Genital Mutilation wherever it still takes place. As a victim of FGM herself, she had to flee to Germany a few years ago and apply for asylum. Since she arrived she has been always vocal against such cruel practices on girls, engaging herself in the Jugendlich ohne Grenzen, where she is the Landeskoordinatorin in NRW and in the International Women Space, to which she gave a remarkable testimony for our book “In Our Own Words”. Here is a video of Bintou:

Donate here!

Gemeinnütziges Spendenkonto TABU e.V. Dortmund
Stichwort „Crocodile“
IBAN: DE73 4405 0199 0211 0141 64
BIC-/Swift: DORTDE33

Mehr zu INNOCENT CROCODILE auf unserer Website

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