Wer nicht ertrinkt, wird eingesperrt

.wer nicht ertrinkt.jpg..there is enough reason for the assumption that in future all refugees entering Germany shall be locked up. It is also assumed that the number of deportations will increase enormously. The basic right of asylum and the right to have a “fair” access to an asylum procedure will therfore be abolished completely. Refugees are already criminalized at their entry in Germany. They will be denied any chance for a “fair” trial. The factual prohibition of political activities for refugees is an attack on all politically active people in Germany. The right of freedom of opinion and of political association are put in question , even if it specifically affects refugees in this case. The phrase saying that in case of “danger of escape” (Fluchtgefahr) refugees can be kept in custody of reception or to secure deportation makes the whole law absurd. Read the full article here.

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