TODAY DEMO 8.3.16 – International Women’s Day / Internationaler Frauentag – Wir nehmen uns die Macht zurück!

Wir nehmen uns die Macht zurück! We take the power back! İktidarı geri alıyoruz! Retomamos el poder! Preuzmimo Moć! Мы возвращаем нашу власть! Estamos pegando o poder de volta! Em desthilatê şûnde digirin! 私たちはパワーを取り戻す! Ci riprendiamo il potere! Nous reprenons le pouvoir!

DEMO – International Resistance Against Violence Against Women! 25.November.2015

  International Resistance against Violence against Women! Resistance and self-organisation: against governmental arbitrariness! More and more women are acknowledging their rights, fighting arbitrary controls and repression. against political violence More and more women are recognising that the oppression they face is systematic against employers! More and more women are fighting for their rights as workers…