Video: Women Unite Against Feminicide & Sexualized Violence “Our bodies is not your battlefield”

The 25th of November and it in mo”International Day to eliminate violence agaisnt women” is approaching, once again the Alliance of Internationalist Feminists in Berlin is preparing a Demonstration in Berlin.
The date has been chosen because it commemorates the resistence of Patria, Minerva, Maria Teresa, the Mirabal Sisters and “the Mariposas” (Butterflies), who were assassinated in 1960 by the dictatorship in the Dominican Republic.

Demo: 25.11. // 15h, at Hermannplatz. Join us! Lets be many and shout that we are united against Feminicide and that we organize, we protest and we strike, to end violence against women*. We witness the destruction of our lives and our world by patriarchy, capitalism and racism. We raise our voice and we resist!

The video below was produced in the summer by Êzidische Frauen and A.G. Trostfrauen/ Koreaverband and is part of our campaign “Our Bodies are not your Battlefield”.

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