Let’s get Jennifer home for Christmas!


jenJennifer Kamau is a Berlin based activist from Kenya. For the past four years she has helped and supported many (refugee) women in their struggle against sexism and racism. She is co-founder of the Internation Women Space – a feminist group that originated from the Oranienplatz movement.

Now, for the first time in four years, Jennifer is able to travel and she wants to go to Kenya for christmas. Mostly because she wants to share her experiences with her community. But also to reunite with her family, her son and her daughter.
If you consider yourself a “WillkommensbürgerIn” you should support this campaign! If you are in solidarity with Jennifer in this moment of need, you should support this cause!

Why should you support this?

In the summer and fall of 2015 we saw a huge wave of solidarity and support for refugees in Germany. This phase seems to be over, yet the struggles of the newcomers continue. Jennifer and her group International Women Space (IWS) are a self organized group of migrant women who show that refugees are not simply victims but political subjects with agency. Yet the IWS works under very precarious circumstances. Those who can afford it, can show their solidarity with Jennifer and the cause of the IWS.

What do we do with the money?

The money we will be used to cover the travel costs of Jennifers trip. This includes travelling to Kenya from Germany, visa costs, travel costs within the country and housing.


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