jinha”JINHA, the first women news agency in the world, began to the world of press on 8 March 2012 with the words from Virginia Woolf that ‘We are writing without considering what the men thinks’ and it has been broadcasting in Kurdish, Turkish and English via internet. Since then it has been attacked in different ways and tried to be suppressed, some of the correspondents are imprisoned for just making journalism. On 29th of October 2016, it has been closed down with many other opponent and Kurdish press in accordance with the new Statutory Decree. However, JINHA is not recognizing this decision about their arbitrary closure and resisting against this decision and all forms of oppression with the solidarity from the women around the world. There is a growing solidarity campaign going on that ‘the women are writing for JINHA’, and women can join this solidarity campaign by sending their news or writings to their email address.


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