Our Solidarity Statement for the arbitrary arrestments of the Kurdish women politicians

Women solidarity is beyond the borders!

feleknas-ucaAKP-Erdoğan’s government and its silent opposition are continuing their fascist implementations in North Kurdistan and Turkey. Under the name of emergency state, they continue to their arbitrary unlawful implementations. Gültan Kışanak, the co-mayor of Amed(Diyarbakır), who is a Kurdish politician and was MP before, has been taken into custody after she talked about the AKP’s responsibility in the coup commission and on Sunday she has been arrested. Ayla Akat Ata, another Kurdish politician who was also a MP before and who is now the spokeswomen of KJA, has been detained and battered in the demonstration against Kışanak’s detention and she is also arrested on Sunday arbitrarily. The court imposed a ban on leaving the country for Figen Yüksekdağ, the co-chair of HDP, as a judicial control precaution. Every week with the new statutory decrees another opponent newspaper, press agency or Kurdish TV channel has been attacked and closed and this Saturday the worlds’ first women agency JİNHA has been closed. All these attacks, oppressions and arbitrary unlawful implementations and decisions are political; and targeting organized, political women and their equal right to be in and outside the parliamentarian politics. Last week two women of the PKK guerilla have been executed by the Turkish soldiers exactly with the same methods used by ISIS and the video of this execution has gone online. The weapons used in the execution were produced in Germany. This execution is a war crime, brutal and inhumane and is committed by the NATO member with the weapons of another NATO member under the silence and consent of the world. We, the women, are not going to be part of your brutal wars and we will continue to fight against in every sphere and everywhere. We know that you want to oppress and silence us, but you are not going to be successful. Your patriarchal system will demolish with our organized women liberation movement all around the world. The women solidarity is beyond the borders and we will win!

International Women SpaceTURKEY-KURDS/


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