Research Room


Research Room – Archive Suitcases

In the current situation of increased precarity of our lives, as well as the ongoing marginalization of critical thinking and radical pedagogy in the institutional spaces and public universities, we need to question the existing conditions of artistic and knowledge production. This means articulating the epistemic alternatives as part of our practices of resistance. In this context we want to share on our own terms what we have already learned through our passionate engagement with critical theory, art and activism, as well as to learn further through new working experiences, perspectives and insights.

Thematic material of our archives:

_ Anticolonialism, Antifascism, Politics of Memory and Imagination _ Bodies and Borders: Decolonial Transfeminism _ Border-Thinking and Aesthesis of Transgression _ Commons and Transversal Alliances _ Cultural Politics and Resistance, Critique of Global Capitalism, Modernity/Coloniality _ Postmedia, Image Capitalism and Digital Mode of Production _ Postcolonial and Postsocialist Dialogues _ Theory of Photography, Documentary Film and Contemporary Art Practices

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