Security trying to evict women by using force at Bornitzstr. 102

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bornitzerstrNow is one whole week  since the people at Bornitzstr. 102 Lager have suffered daily harassment from the workers and management of PeWoBe company. The ways have been multiple: from stopping the supply of food to waking people up early in the morning and threatening to throw people’s personal belongings on the streets, to remove beds and blankets to actually removing locks from doors and cutting off the electricity in the rooms. There have been successive meetings with the management, Lageso delegation (officially they don’t recognize pressure or negotiations have been going on) with the intention to state clear that there is only option left, that people must leave the Lager and accept being tranferred to a much worse Lager, located faraway from the city center.

When they say “there is no other option” that is related with to the fact that PeWoBe is in the middle of a legal fight with Lageso in order to keep the management of the Lager, although the racist mails exchange between the bosses was made public a couple of months ago. So the decisions rely on the private interests of companies, while Lageso/LAF and the Job Center, institutions in charge of the well being of the refugees, just deny any possibility of action on behalf of refugees.

For the whole week refugees have gone to Lageso and to the Job Center to ask for an explanation of what is happening. Today, one person, who went to Job Center, received as an answer “you have to stay until the end of the month where you are since your costs have already been paid“, to what the person asked, “yes, but PeWoBe is throwing me out. The momentary reaction of the Job Center is to try and call Bornitzstr. Lager, which is then not reachable by phone or even by fax. The Job Center then says you have to deal yourself with PeWoBe. Also today, some other people went to Lageso to ask what is going on, getting as an answer that they don’t know either, that the only option is the transfer to the other Lager, to what people oppose since the option is a Lager in Kopenicker Allee, which is crowded, with around 1000 people already living there.

Meanwhile, inside the Lager, the harassment continued and this time the women’s room was the target. Security from the Lager (6 men), a social worker and someone from the management went inside the women’s room and wanted to force them to leave the Lager. As one woman started screaming, the rest of the people in nearby rooms, ran and gathered around the security. The question was “why do you want to force these women to leave?” Not being able to continue with the forced eviction, the workers had the great idea of calling the police, so that the police could throw the people out. Police came and asked what was happening. If there was a fight or a quarrel or a strong argument. None of that was taking place. Workers had to admit that there was nothing happening to an astonished police officer who asked “then why did you call?”. Workers answered “we want that you throw this people out”.

Police got annoyed and said “to move out people that have done nothing is not our business. This must be dealt with Lageso, Job Center …”, then they started taking the names of the workers that had by far exceeded their competences. The police also asked the women to describe what had happened.

In the morning, the 4th and 5th floors have been opened and families have been moved to upper floors. In between, new people are entering the Lager (it happens daily) with a 6 months permission to stay. So what criteria are they following?

As times passes it gets clearer that everything is a mess. What is happening around Bornitzstr. Lager is irregular, suspicious, there is no distinct mandate from Lageso / Job Center of how the situation should be approached and all evidence of this mess should be constrained.
In the background stands the violation of human rights, corruption, business with human lives, indifference.


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