The Voice and IWS stand together for self-determination and Freedom! Broadcast Reboot FM

reboot1Radio Broadcast: Reboot Fm – Interview on No Refugee is Criminal: Refugee
Community, Women Space and Persecution of Dr. Maqsud.A in Apolda


Refugee Power Matters – For Self-determination and Freedom!

Self-organisation is the basic responsibility of the oppressed refugees to use our presence to reclaim our dignity any where we are: we are calling on refugees/Asylum seekers and Migrants to build
trustworthy Communities to strengthen our solidarity against the continuous inhumane treatments in Germany and Europe. Self-organization goes beyond telling our stories and our problems to the others. It’s objective should be empowering through an independent political platform and self-determination in the refugee community with refugee activists and
for the refugees.

We are organizing as refugees to let the world hear from us and to understand that we are not guilty of any crime to seek refuge and to be refugees in Europe. We know that the reasons of our escape and flights from our countries are connected to the global exploitation and
destruction of the refugee countries through wars and their so- called international treaties from global dominance of the reach nations’ capitalist hegemony.

The refugee crisis in Europe is created by the European proxy wars and colonisation that was empowered through the colonial heritage of divide and conquer policies. These neo-colonial power policies are enforced further to escalate the continuous destruction and abuses of the refugees here and their home countries. Why now, why then?

Self-organisation is the basic responsibility of the oppressed refugees to use our presence to reclaim our dignity any where we are:

Our primary aims and objectives are to unite in solidarity with one another without discrimination of any form, racism and sexism in the refugee community, promote Socio – cultural and political exchange;
through regular meetings, discussions and events on the situation in our home countries and the situation in which we live here in Germany. By organizing related events and activities in your regions and beyond, we
BREAK the state sponsored ISOLATION of Refuges in Germany.

All Refugees are criminalized even before and after they arrive at the borders and inside Europe! In solidarity with the refugees.

No Refugee is Criminal – In solidarity with the refugee community
The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena 88.4 MHz
Berlin, Germany
Refugee Community Network
The Political MOVEMENT – Appeal to Refugee Communities for Solidarity
Network in Germany and Europe For a life decided by our quest for a free
society, equality and human dignity.


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