TOLL·FREE HOTLINE 08000 116 016: the Violence against women support hotline

gewaltgegenfrauenAvailable round the clock, 365 days a year and free of charge in turkish, russian, french, english, spanish, portuguese, italian, serbo-croatian, chinese, bulgarian. romanian, arab, farsi, vietnamese and german.

The Violence against women support hotline offers victims a way of receiving competent advice securely, anonymously and regardless of disability whenever they need. Our counsellors provide women with confidential support and if needed can help them find appropriate local support options in their area. This new support service thus caters to a concrete social need and plays an important role in directing victims, relatives of victims, friends and professionals to appropriate support resources.

Highly qualified and secure counselling ­– in many languages and regardless of disability

Our counsellors are all female and all highly qualified. The counselling they provide is always anonymous, confidential and takes into account all data protection requirements. Thanks to special programming, visiting the support hotline’s website is also highly secure. By providing round-the-clock availability, high security standards, counselling available in many languages as well as regardless of disability, we aim to empower women affected by violence to use the support hotline as a resource. We wish to achieve this in particular for those sections of the population which have until now only seldom made use of the existing support resources. We hope to in this way be able to reach immigrants, women with disabilities, older women or victims of human trafficking.

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