Radmila Arnić bleibt – alle bleiben!

newspaper clipping radmilla 2

Radmila is a courageous woman seeking asylum in Germany. As a woman, persecuted, intimidated in Serbia, she flew to Germany, only to find out the system has no place for her here. Worse than that: she is now in danger of being deported because her country is part of an aleatory list made by the EU in which Serbia is included as a “Safe Country”, meaning that whatever reasons a woman has for leaving everything behind in order to seek protection in another EU country, chances are that she will be rejected no matter what. But it takes one look at Radmila’s story and it is all there, her reasons to flee, her need to be granted asylum. You can find her testimonial “They don’t like us in their Europe” in our book “In Our Own Words”, page 69.

Last year when we interviewed Radmila for the book, she told us about her women’s organization, which she created and where she worked for 10 years defending the rights of Roma women in Serbia. Because of her activities, she suffered all sorts of backlash such as blackmailing, threats of being beaten or tortured. Radmila resisted as long as she could before taking the decision to seek asylum in Germany. She fought all she could until she realized she had no other option, but to flee as she had no one to report the threats she was suffering. The story of Radmila is the story of many refugee women, who are silenced, left alone and deported because the system of asylum, which is part of the patriarchal system, works against the women.


Fotos: Janis Garnet

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