Celebrating “In our own words”

We launched our book “In our own words” on the 25.11. and it was great to see so many people gathering for this event. The house was so full that not all could fit in the room where we had the program, which included a video of the Yazidi Women, made by our friend and activist from the Kurdische Women’s movement Leyla Boran and a video of our Sista Mimi, which we specially edited for the night. We wanted to remember and celebrate her strength and activism. The program also included the talks of four refugee friends who bravely shared their stories with the public. Closing the night the marvelous music from Carmel Zoum put us all to dance, which is also an important part of our activism.

We dearly thank our friends Alnour, Grilowski, Maria and the whole team of cookers, our male friends who took care of the children while the women attended the program, the photographers Janis Garnet and  Muhammed Lamin Jadama for registering the event. Our very engaged friends from the Freie Universität, Rebel Sound Berlin for the technical support, Soundisters Berlin based feminist sound collective and every single one who came and made the night so special and powerful.

To those who could not make this time and to all of you, please sign in our website by clicking in “Follow” for the updates of next events and readings of the book.


Collecting the books at Hinkelsteindruck and storing them in New Yorck Bethanien. 

On the 25.11. International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women we also took the streets and marched together with our WomenLesbianTrans*Inter* friends from Hermannplatz to Oranienplatz, stopping at Ohlauer Str. to remember the resistance at the School.



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