TODAY: Fight racism – Stop AfD demonstration in Berlin ! // Sa 7.11 // 11:00 // U-Bahnhof Kochstraße

afddemoAfD? Not happening!
In the last weeks the AfD has managed to mobilize thousands of people to their cause.  They want to bring their racist hate speech into the streets, and we here in Berlin refuse to let that happen. Today we arehere to stop the AfD with all our strength! 
In the last 23 years, the strength of the federal government and most of the Green Party to immensely diminish the rights of Asylum Seekers has also strengthened the position of the AfD and Pegida & Co.
With the AfD in such an extreme-right position, they have achieved not only to attract Nazi and neighborhood bars, but also the Pegida, NPD and other groups to create a climate where refugee shelters are being set on fire and the life of those who need help most are throated and constantly in danger.
After the split of the party, the AfD became even more radically right wing. They had no reservations whatsoever to openly work with Nazis and build a enduring and stabile racist movement within the institution. We have idly watched as this has developed and grown for far too long. It's up to us to prevent this racist movement from gaining more power and to stand in solidarity with refugees! Stop the right! 
No alternative for Germany! Refugees welcome to stay!

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