The government new agreement about refugees in Germany

abschiebung-flugzeugIWS: faster deportations for refugees coming from the so-called safe countries: Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Ghana and Senegal. Anyone coming from these countries will be sent to one of the five specific reception centers, where in one week their asylum applications will be analysed. Two more weeks will be used by the court to come to a decision. To these refugees Residenzpflicht will be applied, which means, before getting an answer to their asylum cases, people won’t be able to leave the district or city where the Reception Center is located. To break the Residenzpflicht will mean to loose all benefits and the end of the asylum process. Rejected asylum cases will have only one more chance of appeal. A new state department can be created for the specific task of looking for passports in order to speed up deportations. Each asylum seeker will receive a standardized ID making their data accessible by the federal states, cities and districts. German and integration courses will be offered, but refugees can be asked to pay 5 Euro per month for it. According to the new regulations Syrian refugees will still be able to enter Germany, but they will only be able to stay for one year with “subsidiary protection” and without any family unification.

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