PKK: Kurdish Female Fighters of Kurdistan Fighting ISIS Documentary

kurdischenfrauen.jpgA documentary on the Kurdish female and male fighters of PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party). As of 2014, they have become the only force capable of fighting the ISIS (Islamic State) on the borders of Kurdistan, especially in Kobane in the West Kurdistan (Rojava), its branch, People’s Defense Units (YPG) and Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) are the most active group fighting ISIS in Kobani. Click CC for English and Subscribe for more.

PKK is a Kurdish militant organization from 1984 to 2013 fought an armed struggle against the Turkish state for cultural and political rights and self-determination for the Kurds in Turkey, Kurdish people comprise between 20% and 25% of the population and have been subjected to official repression for decades. The group was founded in 1978 in the village of Fis (near Lice) by a group of Kurdish students led by Abdullah Öcalan. The PKK’s ideology was originally a fusion of revolutionary socialism and Kurdish nationalism, seeking the foundation of an independent, Marxist–Leninist state in the region known as Kurdistan. Since his capture and imprisonment in 1999, the leader of the PKK, Abdullah Öcalan, has abandoned Marxism-Leninism, leading the party to adopt his new political platform of “Democratic Confederalism” (influenced strongly by the libertarian socialist philosophy of communalism).

The name ‘PKK’ is usually used interchangeably for the name of its armed wing, the People’s Defence Force (HPG), which was formerly called the Kurdistan National Liberty Army (ARGK).

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