Call to Action: Demonstration in front of the Brandenburg state parliament

Call to action of „No lager for women! Abolish all lagers!”
Saturday 07. march 2015, 14.00
Potsdam hbf / main station

(Please check for details on our website: or call us: 0176-32920586)


Foto ©Adrienne Gerhäuser

Demonstration and Protest-action in front of the state parliament building.  As we celebrate the International women’s day 2015 let us look closely on how the state of Brandenburg government as well as the Germany Federal government is treating us: For the last couple of years we have been asking them again and again to give at least women and children the opportunity to move out from the lagers. Nevertheless, what we are seeing is money being allocated to local authorities to upgrade existing isolated lagers and more lagers being added to the already existing ones. We don’t see any changes in our
living conditions: the asylum seekers are still only allocated 6 square meters per person. Still we are often marginalized with housing in remote areas and are therefore more exposed to racist attacks. Still the possibilities to live in private apartments like everybody else are rarely given to us. and with a change of construction law, the construction of camps in industrial areas is now allowed.

Refugee women suffer the most from that. Because usually the women are the ones who feel responsible to organize everyday life for the whole family under such inhumane living conditions.

That is why we are renewing our call “no lager for women!” “abolish all lagers!”

  • We demand from the federal government: Step back from your backward policies of the 90s which try to keep refugees from entering Germany or force them to leave again!
  • We demand from the state authorities: Give directives to the districts to accommodate refugees in flats – first of all for women and children!
  • We demand from the local authorities: Integrate refugees in your districts by giving them the choice to live in flats wherever they want!

To all refugee women: let us together demand a humane life for all!

To all women‘s organizations, feminist organizations, all anti-racist and human rights organizations: support us and our demands!

Come numerous and together with asylum seekers from your neighborhood!

Here is our call to action in different languages, please distribute widely! 

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