“We used to have a lot of fights here. The racist culture in the society is repeating itself within this space.” – Florence Sissako on life in the Lager (video)

Here’s two excerpts from our interview with Florence Sissako:

“I lived here for 5 or 6 years. On this corridor I think I was the only woman here. Everywhere here to the door I have only boys, single boys, from Africa. They were like my brothers. What I used to do is, once in a while, I cook some food and I invited the boys, we’d sit here, we’d eat together and we’d make some party – generally in Easter and in December.”

“Me personally because I was playing definitely a big role here, political role and also a social role to support people – so I was in a really good relationship with all the communities and at the end of the day I became like the peace maker, the mediator between the communities.”

Listen to her full story:

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